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Welcome to My Lair

Amy H.
29 April
Speedy Summary:
I lived in Los Angeles, CA all my life, until I moved here to CT, New England. It is freeeezing cold, but snow is oKAY. Although I always thought winter was over sometime in January when I lived in CA...in March and the snow will still not melt!! But it's fun.

I have done competitive Scottish Highland Dancing since I was like, 5 yrs. old. Went to the World Championships a few times and have competed at the Nationals many times and whatnot...it's a very involved sport/art. It's great. I got 2nd overall in the United States this summer! yay!
I'm an official alum of LC in CT and now attend USC in Los Angeles. FIGHT ON!
abt, ballet, boating, competitive scottish highland dancing, dancing, electric violin, guitar, l.a. county jr. lifeguard, lord of the rings, people, pirates of the caribbean, running, sit ups, traveling, violin, volleyball, zox band